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The Western Alliance Conference 2022
Where: Mallory Kountze Planetarium
Omaha, Nebraska
July 31 - Aug 3

About the Western Alliance Conference

The Western Alliance Conference is a gathering of planetarium professionals from multiple regions across the western half of the United States of America. The regional groups have their annual meeting during the conference. Vendors and Delegates from around the globe are encouraged to participate in this exciting conference.

Affectionately referred to as “The WAC” (pronounced whack), this conference is an excellent opportunity for fellow planetarians to share information about their experiences, and to explore new and impressive educational and visualization technologies offered for our unique industry. The planetarium industry is evolving with the changes in display technology and other tools, as well as a wider range of science disciplines now accessible and appropriate for our audiences and venues. The WAC is a great place to keeping up with the changes, and gives you the opportunity to get to know the products, and the people of our industry.

Great Western Observer: Summer 2022

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The Western Alliance Conference website is where you can make connections with planetariums west of the Mississippi. The WAC covers more than 20 states.

We want you!

Obviously, without hosts facilities that are willing and capable, organizing a successful conference is not possible. Therefore we are 100% dependent on the WAC community to step up and offer to be a host for the next WAC conference!

Looking at past conferences we see the following statistic:

State WAC State WAC

Texas | 4 | Hawaii | 0
California | 2 | Idaho | 0
Nebraska | 2 | Iowa | 0
Alaska | 1 | Montana | 0
Arizona | 1 | Nevada | 0
Colorado | 1 | New Mexico | 0
Missouri | 1 | North Dakota | 0
Oregon | 1 | Oklahoma | 0
Utah | 1 | South Dakota | 0
Arkansas | 0 | Washington | 0

Or by affiliation:

GPPA: 3 (1x MO, 2x NE)
RMPA: 3 (1x UT, 1x CO, 1x AZ)
PPA: 4 (2x CA, 1x AK, 1x OR)
SWAP: 4 (4x TX)

Interested in hosting the next WAC?

Fill out the form below to submit your proposal. In your attached proposal (PDF, Word, or Text document), please indicate:

Which year (or years) you’d like to host the conference
Your location
The size of your planetarium and conference facilities
Nearby amenities
Possible tours or speakers
Any other information you can add to make your proposal stand out!
These proposals will be reviewed and presented to the attendees at the next WAC for a vote.

Past Wac Conferences

About GPPA

Current Officers:

About PPA

The Pacific Planetarium Association was established in 1968 and began the process for incorporation as a non-profit in 1989. The Pacific Planetarium Association notification of approved non-profit status was received in August 24,1995. The geographical area served by the PPA includes the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

The current PPA newsletter/journal is called the Great Western Observer (GWO) and is a combined effort of four organizations: PPA, RMPA, GLPA and SWAP. Issues of the GWO may be accessed by clicking the GWO link in the title bar above.