Important Updates (01/21/2014)

The upcoming WAC conference will be held July 22 - 25. The hosting facility will be the UT Arlington Planetarium, Arlington Texas. More updates and info coming soon!

Secondly, we're upgrading the WAC website. Our apologies if something does not work perfectly, but hopefully we will have something better soon.

Stay Tuned!


2013 Western Alliance Conference 2013 Western Alliance Conference - Kansas City, MO - September 18-20

Gottlieb Planetarium & Science City at Union Station Kansas City
We are pleased to announce the 2013 WAC Conference will be held at historic Union Station in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. We will be following up here with additional information soon. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of the venue at and Stay tuned for further details!





The Great Western Observer is the new home of the Great Western Observer!
We're now hosting the latest GWO and many past issues here at We have been working together with the Clark Planetarium to gather past issues into a consolidated location. Special thanks to Mike Murray and Toshi Komatsu along with all who contribute to the GWO, for their continued service to our industry.


The Winter GWO is Now Available!


2011 Western Alliance Conference - Killeen, TX - July 26-30

Mayborn Planetarium & Space Theater at Central Texas College
Thank you to all who participated in what we're being told was one of the "best conferences ever!" We are pleased that so many of you had a great time, and hope that future WAC's can be built upon this success.


We had a great time, and hope you did too! If you missed WAC2011, you missed a great conference. There were trips to SpaceX, Ft. Hood, and Saledo, many paper sessions, dome demos, and a lot of food! We saw impressive technologies, premiered new shows, and heard great things from vendors and delegates. We call it a success, and it could not have happened without the generous sponsorships by the many vendors!


We're still doing the math and getting the info together for our regions, but so far it is looking good. Our staff had a great time with all of our friends, both old and new, and you are all welcome to join us for a visit any time. Anyone who delivered a paper and would like it to be published in the GWO should contact Toshi Komatsu. If you have photos that you would like to share, please also send them our way so we can post a few.


Thank you all very much for your support, participation, patience, and endurance! We are looking forward to IPS2012 and to what treasures await at WAC2013!




About the WAC

The Western Alliance Conference is a gathering of planetarium professionals from multiple regions across the western half of the United States of America. The regional groups have their annual meeting during the conference. Vendors and Delegates from around the globe are encouraged to participate in this exciting conference.


Affectionately referred to as "The WAC" (pronounced whack), this conference is an excellent opportunity for fellow planetarians to share information about their experiences, and to explore new and impressive educational and visualization technologies offered for our unique industry. The planetarium industry is evolving with the changes in display technology and other tools, as well as a wider range of science disciplines now accessible and appropriate for our audiences and venues. The WAC is a great place to keeping up with the changes, and gives you the opportunity to get to know the products, and the people of our industry.


Attendees are members of at least one of the following regional organizations that comprise the WAC:

  • SWAP - SouthWestern Association of Planetariums
  • GPPA - Great Plains Planetarium Association
  • RMPA - Rocky Mountain Planetarium Association
  • PPA - Pacific Planetarium Association

Additionally, we encourage involvement and membership in IPS, the International Planetarium Society.