We want you!

Obviously, without hosts facilities that are willing and capable, organizing a successful conference is not possible. Therefore we are 100% dependent on the WAC community to step up and offer to be a host for the next WAC conference!

Looking at past conferences we see the following statistic:





Texas 4 Hawaii 0
California 2 Idaho 0
Nebraska 2 Iowa 0
Alaska 1 Montana 0
Arizona 1 Nevada 0
Colorado 1 New Mexico 0
Missouri 1 North Dakota 0
Oregon 1 Oklahoma 0
Utah 1 South Dakota 0
Arkansas 0 Washington

 Or by affiliation:

GPPA:   3 (1x MO, 2x NE) 
RMPA:   3 (1x UT, 1x CO, 1x AZ) 
PPA:   4 (2x CA, 1x AK, 1x OR) 
SWAP:   4 (4x TX) 


Interested in hosting the next WAC?  

Fill out the form below to submit your proposal.  In your attached proposal (PDF, Word, or Text document), please indicate:

  • Which year (or years) you'd like to host the conference
  • Your location
  • The size of your planetarium and conference facilities
  • Nearby amenities
  • Possible tours or speakers
  • Any other information you can add to make your proposal stand out!

 These proposals will be reviewed and presented to the attendees at the next WAC for a vote.


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